Fact:  She will have made a judgment about you from your main profile picture before she even gets to the first line of text.  Here's how to make your best shot count up front and fast

Your photo is key!  I don't care what you look like, you can attract a more attractive woman with a better picture! Women are not on Match.com to see more than one of your artistic scenery shots or pets.  We (just like you) want to get a sense with a few pictures of who you are in a couple scenario's like a professional shot and a social setting.  Throw in one with the kids and a lifestyle shot and then go back and delete the least attractive one.  Also bear in mind we are looking for clues from the background of your picture too - so if it's taken inside your friends trailer (and not your own) perhaps a really tight crop on that one. In the theme of what NOT to wear, The main primary photo mistakes I see from adult men in my area are:

He's handsome, but if he isn't smiling in the photo - when will he?

I think he's cute, but I cant' tell from under those shades!

Love his red sports car, but as a main profile picture it clearly impresses you more than me.

His main photo depicts him in some Fraternity secret hand gesture (delete!)

I love red sports cars too - but as a main profile picture it clearly impresses you more than me

Taking a picture of yourself shows you don't have a friend in the world.

Primary photo naked (chest up) = delete!   Put on a shirt!

Use photos of good quality – not blurred or too light/dark or red eye.

Primary photo of you on your bike is a lifestyle statement, not a main profile picture.

Never have another good looking woman in your primary photo!

Think of looking yourself AND your best – all in the same picture.  When you post your self wearing a Santa hat, or dressed up in a beer can hat think what messages that conveys… if you want a woman of class don't start with those type of images. If you are on an on-line dating site, I encourage you to get the most out of your new membership by taking a good look at the visual message that your profile is sending.   Also remember it's not just the picture that she reacts emotionally to... please proof your words, and be very reticent about what attributes she shouldn't have.  Stringing a whole list of what your turn-offs are succeed in creating a bigger turnoff. It's not the $100 bucks you paid to sign up, its your energy, emotions and time that you should value enough to get some help (from a woman?) writing your profile and selecting your photos! 

If you are a professional man determined to make the most monetary gain by your efforts, or a man who has recently re-entered the dating world you are on the cusp of doing something for yourself that will be more fun, socially and financially rewarding than you may have done in a long time!

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