Is it really a big deal or is it really a big deal. I cant find much womens bikes so I might settle for a guy bike

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6 Responses to Can females ride bikes with male seats?

  1. Carry On..! says:

    Yes, but wouldn't it be easier to buy the bike you want and get a new seat fitted?

  2. Lord Darkclaw says:

    Yes you can ride any bike with any seat but you'll find the women's saddles more comfortable. If you find a good bike that you enjoy riding you could replace the saddle later.

  3. Bob A says:

    Women's bikes are made a little different then the men's. The top tube will be a little shorter, the saddle a little wider, handlebars narrower, smaller frames will have shorter crank arms. If you find a bike that fits you that is very important you can always change the saddle if you need to. Remember it takes time to get your butt use to ridding so take short rides at first.

  4. MtBikr says:

    If you end up with a guy bike you can always change the seat, however try the seat first. How a seat fits you is more about your sit bones than a guy seat vs. girl seat, seats are made in a variety of lengths and widths as people come in many sizes and shapes.

  5. intrepidfae says:

    There are many women who ride man's bikes because they fit better. Try the saddle that comes with your bike. If you can't get used to it, even with padded cycling shorts, then you can always replace it with a woman's saddle. Terry saddles come with a 30 day guarantee. If you don't like the saddle, you can take it back. I've seen many women buy Terry saddles; very few are returned.


  6. wle ņ│ã∩╬α ░░▒▓▓▒░░ says:

    a bike store would have womens bikes
    you must be trying for used
    all seats are cut-and-try
    that is, you have to live with them for a while
    plus it has to be adjusted right

    a guy bike may work for you


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