• 250-watts of power form a DC brushed Earth magnet motor
  • Comfort ride bike styling diamond frame
  • Suspension fork, mid rise handlebars, stem and comfort saddle
  • Real transportation at speeds up to 15 miles per hour (24 km/h)
  • Up to 22 miles (35 km) per charge

Product Description
Bicycles are a terrific mode of transportation, but sometimes you just need a little extra push while getting around town. Enter the eZip Skyline Women's Electric Comfort Bike, which is equipped with a 250-watt DC earth magnet motor and a 24-volt rechargeable battery. Far cleaner than gas-powered scooters but zippier than a traditional bike, the Skyline will get you from point A to B in no time at all, but won't guzzle gas or belch pollutants in the process. The bat... More >>

Currie Technologies eZip Skyline Men's Electric Bicycle

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