My older wife when she was 46 years old went out and bought a 2001 Specialized Stumpjumper M4 Womens model. Prior to this bike she had a early 80's KHS gran sport. Before that as a kid she had a Raleigh Gran Prix. Do most women by this bike for path riding?

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2 Responses to How many women go out and purchase a stumpjumper m4 womens mountain bike for normal path riding?

  1. bikeworks says:

    Most women? No. Some women? Yes, but most of them can't say 'no' to a salesperson.

    That being said, and understanding that the SJ is way overkill for paths, perhaps she was thinking about going on rough trails and stuff.

  2. edward w says:

    this bike was made in 2001-2003 and is now only purchased used and it has been trumped since by Specialized since then but I see no reason why one would not want it now? Specialized makes a great bike and this one started with a MSRP of $1,500 approx. and is probably a bit much for just general hardpack ridding but sure why not?

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