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3 Responses to How much do Specialized Grey Crossroad Womens bike weigh?

  1. Bob A says:

    Hybrid bikes like that are around 24-25 lbs. The higher end ones will weigh a little less.

  2. Itchyhorse says:

    Hi - Might depend on size, model year, varying models in that year sharing xRoad name.... but I would guess at around 27-28lbs. Unlikely to be any lighter but could be slightly heavier. Any bikes at a similar price of a similar style will weigh around the same. The more you pay the higher grade metal is used in the frame and components, but this style of bike never really gets superlight. Also, beware of stated weights in manufacturers literature as they are rarely accurate. A suspension fork at this level adds a lot of weight but is rarely that effective or useful on a hybrid / road bike, so if you want a lighter bike look for one without the bouncy fork.

  3. Ric says:

    According to the Specialized Spec's sheet there are like 4 different crossroads models, The Elite, The Elite Women's, the Sport and Sport Women's and all come in different frame sizes and they all weigh between 32.47 lbs to 34.10 lbs so depending on the size of your bike it will weigh some where between those two figures. Here is the link: http://www.thebicycleescape.com/bicycleweights.html#SpecHyb Maybe you can determine which bike is yours. Hope that helps you out.

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