please make sure the site has pics of the bike.

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2 Responses to what is a good website for womens bikes. i want to purchase one for someone’s b-day?

  1. pedalsdaisies92 says:

    I think u should go to Ebay and suppossebly u can find what ever u need...

  2. hpnotst says:

    I might get a gift card of some sort or a gift certificate. One of the important things about a bike is the fit. You could go to Performance or Bike Nashbar (sister companies) and buy a bike. Colorado Cyclists is very good. You could go to a site and buy a bike. What do you do next? If the bike fits, you are lucky. What happens if you need to swap a part to get a better fit? Very tough. Since a good fit prevents injury and makes the ride more enjoyable, personally, I would get the card.

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