I find the the bar in a women's bike is still a hindrance and Im not sure it is needed at all. Im thinking of having it sawed away so just the lower bar stays. I guess i didn't mind it or thought about it when i was a kid but 68 now. If i did decide to take that top bar off how would the bike still run as usually?

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4 Responses to What would happen if the bar on a womens bike was cut off?

  1. UncleKenny says:

    The integrity of the bike would be compromised and it could simply fold under your weight. They do make bikes like you are describing, but they were designed to support the weight of the rider with only the one bar.
    Also, those tubes are hollow. If you were to cut it off you'd be left with 2 stubs (dangerous) and gaping holes where water can get in and corrode the steel (I am assuming it's steel).
    If you're looking to continue riding on it, don't cut.

  2. agb90spruce says:

    A "women's frame" is already weaker than a "men's frame" because of the lower bar (or heavier to make up for the decreased strength). If you cut off the bar you will destroy the integrity of the frame and make the bike unsafe to ride. Don't do it.

    You may want to consider a modern "comfort bike" (See link). These bikes are designed to have a very low bar and should provide minimal interference. (Frankly, if you can't ride a comfort bike easily, you probably shouldn't be riding). The improvements in materials and components on recent bikes are well worth the cost of switching ... and you can even consider a tricycle kit (2 rear wheels) conversion should you want to continue to ride into your 70's or 80's.

  3. Bob A says:

    You do not want to cut the frame of any bike. If you cant lift you leg over the lower bar you should look at bikes with a lower step through frame.

  4. wle atlanta says:

    it;s there for a reason

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