I am looking for a bike, $150 or less. I don't know what exactly to look for in a mountain bike. I'll be using it for leisure and for exercise, I would like a bike with resistance levels. How tall of a bike should I get for my 5'3 height? Where is a good place to see a selection of reasonably priced mountain bikes? Big 5? Walmart?

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8 Responses to Where can I buy a good, affordable womens mountain bike?

  1. helen. says:


  2. ferndesign26 says:

    go to walmart and talk to them i have found them helpful and cheap and they have good bikes

  3. daunknown17 says:

    I would try ebay

  4. Jeffrey F says:

    I would avoid the drop bar "women's" style mountain bike and get a regular mountain bike. The full suspension bikes have a dropped frame and are easier on rough surfaces.

    Walmart and Target are good sources.

  5. Kimberley G says:

    If you can help it, don't buy a cheap one from a department store.
    The difference between a 100.00 and 400.00 bike is immeasurable.
    The quality bike will be a much better ride, safer, and in the long run, worth the money.
    I spent almost 1000.00 for mine but that isn't necessary.
    Remember the lighter the bike ($), the heavier the lock you'll need.

  6. Bandett says:

    walmart, get one that says rust proof. the sell one called the(Skyliner). its more of a cruiser and more comfortable than a mountain bike. Has front shocks and 15 speed. wide tires and stainless and alum. parts so it wont rust. about that price..mountain bike not that comfortable.

  7. Bob A says:

    Don't buy a full suspension bike they eat up too much energy. Do not buy a bike from Walmart or any of the big box stores. Spent a little more and you can get a good bike from Forge.


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