would nt it make more sense an be less painful for a man, to be the other way around in this day an age of not all women wearimg dresses as in the old days?

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6 Responses to why do mens bikes have a crossbar at the top while womens is at the bottom?

  1. daveduncan40 says:

    Seems backwards, doesn't it? It probably began when women wore long skirts and couldn't get their legs over the bar easily (or modestly).

  2. thenetnomad says:

    Well, as you know our culture is based on tradition, and it is tradition that women's bikes be made to occomodate the room a skirt or dress would need.

    Personally, I always thought that it would be better if all bikes were made like women's bikes for the safety of everybody's reproductive organs.

  3. CliffClaven says:

    This isn't necessarily true for bikes these days anymore. The triangle frame is stronger therefore accomodating the harsher riding and the heavier weights of men but women are now using the same frames, just smaller in size.

  4. painter says:

    as stupid as it seams...the old reason for this was that even as riding a horse...a "Proper" woman should alwasy keep there legs crossed. if you ask me thats nuts. how eles is a woman suposed to pedle herself? i think its retarded

  5. Lisa G says:

    I think its just an old tradition. Women in the old days had to be careful, decrete and delicate as possible about placing thier leg over a bike, (and everything else) the lower bar enabled that. Design won't change due to everyone knowing that the bar is lower for women, so blokes would be seen on a bike like that! But one thing has changed women used to ride horses with both legs on one side, you obviously don't see that nowadays!

  6. Willo'th'wisp says:

    Women's cycles have no crossbar to enable them to be seated without having to raise their legs above the seat and exposing themselves. Also the long skirts could get tangled in the drive and frame.There is no reason that a woman these days cannot use a bike with a crossbar.

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