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5 Responses to Why do womens bikes have a lower bar, its seems like it should be the other way around?

  1. need answers says:

    womens bikes are made with lower bars because of the fact that some ladies used to wear skirts while riding.

  2. Tebs says:

    The first poster is absolutely correct. When the bicycle was first invented all women wore long skirts/dresses, and they had to put their leg through the V of the frame, whereas men wore long trousers and could easily put their leg over the saddle, many women still wear a skirt or dress on a bicycle, so the design remains basically the same.

  3. intrepidfae says:

    In modern bicycles, there is no difference between male and female specific designs other than adjusting the sizes to accomodate the general differences in anatomy. I haven't seen a woman riding a bicycle in a skirt or dress in many, many years. The manufacturers who are still making the old woman's design are doing so for marketing reasons, to have a retro-looking product.


  4. Run Bike says:

    Because it is easier for a woman to ride a bike while wearing a dress or skirt. Most women don't do this anymore in America, but they still do in countries where bicycling is used for transportation more.

  5. M R says:

    This question has been asked once a week forever here. And stated in almost the same manner.

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