I just got a ten speed vintage schwinn for riding around but it has the absolute worst handlebars. I don't want those spiral crap bars I want some nice bullhorns but I've never seen them on any other bike but a fixed gear and I don't want to convert it like some hipster would. Does anyone know if bullhorn (fixed gear) handlebars would work just fine on a non fixed gear bike?


3 Responses to Can bullhorn handlebars go on a non fixed gear bike?

  1. Fit Cyclist says:

    Sure look at TT/Tri bikes. But like you said you'll probably look like a hipster

  2. Bob A says:

    If you have the shifters on the down tubes or the handle bar stem you can use anything you want. If the race bars are uncomfortable it is probably due to the wrong size bike.

  3. A says:

    I dont want to just convert to bullhorns for no reason like some hipster but uhhh could you give me basic bicycle information so I can use bullhorns like a hipster

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