One Response to Japanese Bicycle bought at yard sale needs identification.?

  1. bikeworks says:

    Well, the good news is that $10 is just about right for that bike.

    The bike, depending on the year, is either a C. Itoh or a Kabuki but I would lay a bet that it is a C. Itoh because of the disgusting color. You are correct that it was made in Japan but from the looks it was an export for the British market, but this isn't something I can substantiate without actually seeing the bike in person.

    The clues are the joints. C. Itoh pioneered the use of die casting lugs around the tubes rather than using separate lugs and brazing them in. Quite novel but also heavy and not always reliable. When C. Itoh disappeared it was replaced by Kabuki, then by Bridgestone. Each brand became increasingly higher quality, but C. Itoh and Kabuki were the only 2 to use the die cast process.

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