I want to know if anyone knows anything about whether or not I can take my chihuahua... in a bike basket... on the five borough bike tour. i've seen so many things having done this two times before but no small pets. you'd hardly be able to see him since he'll be in a sporty little front carrier that has a zipped top rain cover. anyone know? i really want to do this.

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  1. Gilbert says:

    Sure i believe this could be done as long as your sure it is securely mounted and that not to much weight would be balanced in one direction more than the other also because of doing this for safety i would recommend over shooting turns. good luck but i don't think it would be a problem.

  2. SoccerRefToo says:

    I think your question revolves around IF the tour ride permits riders to bring their pets 'along for the ride'. That being the case you can read their liability and participant entry for details. I would doubt that it is permitted. It would not be a good idea, Dogs and crowds do not go well together!

    Everyone's pal is gentle and kind, but multiple, trained or untrained dogs, either loose or on leads, and moving bikes is a real bad idea. Dog fights, bites, pee and poop; not to mention the risk to riders and pets from hitting each other, bailing out of their baskets and clothes lining riders with leashes is all real bad stuff. It is litigation waiting to happen. Additionally, many dogs hate being near bikes- much less riding on bikes. Have you ever done it? If not, you would not just want to throw your buddy in the basket and take off. You should train up for it and add padding around the basket (towels would work) to cushion buddy,,, after all you have a nice cushioned seat to protect you from the harsh jolts!

    Check the rules. If, as I suspect, it is not permitted just realize that your ride with your buddy can be done any other weekend, The promoters are just trying to make it as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone.


  3. Bob A says:

    Your dog would be much happier at home where it would fell more comfortable.

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