The hitch mount bike rack is listed as one of the more popular types of bike racks for cars these days. Why? Well it's really stable, secure and easy as pie to install. But some people just shouldn't get on and here's why.Smaller Cars and Fitting A Hitch RackYou have to think about how many bikes you want to carry. Carrying four or five bikes on a hitch receiver on a small car, is going to add considerable weight to the back of the car. So, if you want to carry lots of bikes, a hitch mount is the best option but fixing it to a little car is not!Larger Vehicles - I can't get into the back of the carSo you want to carry lots of bikes, you have a SUV but, you CANT GET INTO THE BACK! Yip, the back door will be offlimits if you have a rear end bike rack! There's no ways you getting in and out of a trunk. But, the makers and caught onto this issue and now make a swing away and lowering models. But, be careful with these models. Some swing away and some can be lowered. If you are trying to lower the rack with all the bikes still loaded, it just won’t happen! So if you are the type of person who wants to keep the rack on without always carrying bikes, then the lowering option is fine, but if you want to get into and out of the back, while you have five bikes loaded up, then I would go for the swing away.

Is you Spare Tire on a Hatch Back or Side Hinged Rear Door.

Now if you have a spare tire to deal with, the hitch mount bike rack is still a great option and better than just mounting your bikes to the tire itself. But if you wanting to get into the back of your car, make sure you get this rack only if you have a hatch style rear door. Some models fit a side hinged rear door, but if you are going to try to open it while the rack is attached, then don’t even try.  It is just not an option. Now choosing a brand is now the next step. There are quite a few to choose from and who knows where to start? Check out the hitch mount bike rack and the reviews in that section. Not every model is mentioned, but ONLY the racks that did it for other bikers.

Cars and bicycles are my passion in life! I work as a car salesman but spend weekends biking anywhere I can. My bikes are transported on a Hitch Mount Bike Rack . I like the mix of mountain biking and off road. I am not by any means a pro but like to enter races as regularly as I can. My passion has oozed over to my wife and we now enjoy this sport together. Visit for helpful advice on choosing a bike rack for your car.

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