You think you need a new bike? But you don't want to kick your old one because you like to ride it? It is quite comfortable, the shifting system is super and the tires aren't that bad at all? You know what? There is a very cheap but useful upgrade for your bike. No matter what type of bike, no matter how old it is, no matter how much money you'd like to spend. Just get a new fork. It will give your bike a new look and a better suspension.

There are some different types of forks. Rigid forks, light suspension forks, downhill forks, cross country forks, and so on … But which fork will be the one you need? This depends on your riding style.

Here are some useful information about your possibly new fork.


For a normal street bike just to ride sometimes the best solution will be a light suspension mountain bike fork. These MTB forks have low travel because they should only absorb the small damage to the road surface. You can choose the look of the fork you'd like without spending too much money on it.

You can also go for a rigid fork but they won't be too good for a normal bike. You should have a special racing cycle to go for a rigid fork.


If you would like to ride off the road you should think about a special suspension fork. Here you can choose again between some different types of MTB forks.

First one will be the Downhill fork. They have a very long travel up to 300mm and are double or triple crown. These suspension forks will weigh very much.

The second special fork is the Cross Country fork. These forks are kind of the "light suspension fork" 2.0 because they look quite the same but there is a big difference. The price. There MTB forks are the most expensive forks because they are very very low in weight.

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